Many persons things that the seo is Just a codes that give your blog or website some effects and make search engines like it and prefer your articles than other website’s articles so you receive more visitors from google and other search engines .

this is true but not all what need to know about the seo because many other pionts can give a positive effect on your website’s seo :

The moste impotant thing for search engines is the contents more you have a exclusive content more your website is listed by search engines .

Writh and publish the maximum number of articles that you can .(and the articles most be exclusive).

care about the website design .

the spead of your pages most be accepted and less than 10 seconds and more less if you can
( you can optimize your web site speed usin google toole : read this article –how tooptimize my wesite speed-).

back linkes : it’s to amportant and it based on publishing your site pages on the web , in comments for exemple (B N :try to publish your linkes on sites with a high page ranke).

-Mohamed ouhida-

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